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A tough design to match the Sharpie's harsh environment

A World leader in the writing implements market, Sanford is present in all sectors with its Reynolds, Waterman, Parker, Paper Mate and Rotring brands. In the permanent marker market, its star product, the Sharpie, is almost as iconic as the ballpoint pen. Of late the famous felt tip marker has adopted a new high-tech image thanks to SLEEVER®.

A design to match the requirements

Whether it is a King size or Magnum, the Sharpie permanent marker is designed for extreme conditions. Water and grease resistant, it can write on a vast selection of surfaces including cardboard, wood, metal, stone, plastic and leather and at any angle.

Because of this, its new look had to be in keeping with its demanding conditions of use, whilst fulfilling the brand's desire to assert its position and inform consumers in all the many languages of the countries in which the Sharpie is used. To entirely encase the aluminium profiled barrel of the market, without detracting from the object's appeal, Sanford (Newell Rubbermaid Group) SLEEVER® performance perfect for the job.

A miracle of technical prowess

Sleever International first challenge was to propose a film capable of resisting the product's harsh conditions of use: repeated usage, chemical, mechanical and thermal aggression, staying colourfast in all conditions. The solution chosen was the 50-µm SI-PET-RF/050 film. The second challenge was creating a design, which was both modern, perfectly legible despite the barrel's circumference and above all permanent. Sleever Labels opted for an 8-colour reverse print with a metallic silver varnish to eliminate any risk of damage from oxidising agents, grease, liquids or abrasion. Finally the entire application process was redesigned.

The marker is now decorated prior to filling the barrel. To meet the highly exacting positioning requirements needed without any anchorage at either extremity and to ensure a covering seal, Sleever Machines developed exclusive processes combining horizontal positioning and high-speed shrinkage on specifically designed machines.

As a result, the Sharpie is decorated with SLEEVER® which is not only decorative and functional, but long lasting. A fine illustration of a concept adapted to high-tech projects.