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The pack's impact

Is it possible today to talk about consumer or luxury products without referring to packaging' Packaging design now plays an essential role in the marketing mix and purchasing decisions and represents a brands last opportunity to convince the consumer; in fact figures show it is gradually becoming the most important decision criterion*:

  • Over 70% of purchases are unplanned.
  • 90% of products picked up are bought by consumers who make their decision in less than 3 seconds.
  • When packaging is intelligently designed, sales increase by 20% to 30% without additional communication.

Everything points to the fact that this role will be reinforced in the light of an ever-increasing range of products and consumers, who constantly find themselves caught between temptation and caution.

Sleever International, privileged partner of designers.

Designers and marketers who drive pack design forward, are in search of tomorrow's concepts wich they hope will stimulate desire through its materials, volumes, colours, graphic identity and new additional functions. For 35 years, Sleever International has been working with designers and marketers by providing specific tools to realise the full potential of SLEEVER® concept. As a result sleeve enable them to decorate complex shapes and materials with high degrees of shrink- up to 80% compared to the initial diameter.

The Basic Book is a database rich in dozens of case studies per market, carried out for the world's top brands, in every market segment where the group is active. SLEEVER® Colortech features an exclusive palette of special effects to enhance creations: fluorescent pigments, luminescent effects, metallic finishes (Colors), high gloss, matte, satin, iridescent, opalescent, soft touch (Varnishes), finishes and fragrant thermochromic inks (Effects).

SKINSLEEVER® solution, a 2006-2007 innovation, offers selective and mass markets a world first in the sleeve sector. In addition to decorating complex shapes, it provides a skin effect which brings a texture to the pack, and creates a realistic surface finish and touch sensation.

To launch this major patented innovation, the result of three years of joint efforts and research and development on the part of the group's various divisions, Sleever Technologies®, Sleever Machines® and Sleever Labels®, Sleever International® will presented the first SKINSLEEVER® collection featuring some stunning finishes (ostrich, lizard, crocodile, etc.), for use in luxury packaging such as cognac bottles or perfume gift sets at the 2006 Salon de l'Emballage in Paris.

Sleever International will be offering this innovative solution to its clients and creative partners such as Carré Noir, Dragon Rouge, CBA.

*Source Pack. Vision 2006 Study for the International Packaging Fair