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Exceptional limited editions dressed by SLEEVER® and designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Seduce and surprise were the two goals announced by Jean-Paul Gaultier for his latest Collectible creations, and as the sumptuous packaging reveals, these objectives were reached, with a world first by Sleever International on 20 and 40 milliliter bottles.

SLEEVER® exalts the brand's universe

The Jean-Paul Gaultier brand (Shiseido Group) did not waver an instant when it came to renewing their faith in Sleever International to produce Collectibles for the up-market perfumery and duty free retail networks. With two different gift sets, featuring a 20ml bottle of Classique for her and a 40ml bottle of Le Mâle for him, it was also the first time Sleever International had undertaken to work on such large formats for the brand.

Sleever International's know-how in the up-market perfumery sector in the field of miniatures was already well established. With this project, the group provides confirmation that SLEEVER® solution knows no restrictions and is adapted to all sorts of sizes and shapes of bottles, whilst continuing to meet the exacting requirements of the luxury sector.

This new limited edition is part and parcel of Jean-Paul Gaultier's strategy, which involves proposing unusual décors, already collectible, that are in perfect harmony with its brand image. The brand is indeed fully aware of the benefits of the sleeve whose unusual packaging results not only boost sales, but also undoubtedly appeal to consumers. Jean-Paul Gaultier focused on these novel, unique bottles to announce the release of "large format" bottles in this limited edition, thereby taking advantage of the customization process to ensure the success of the operation.

Full service

These bottles are the fruit of Sleever International dedication to full service, which involved working closely with Jean-Paul Gaultier at every stage of the development phase.

To carry out this project, Sleever International opted for a 7-color rotogravure cello-enamel printed SI-PET-TG/050 film. The group's expertise enabled it to select inks that withstand alcohol, thereby ensuring that the visuals remain stable should they come into contact with the fragrance.

Sleever Studio was entrusted with the anamorphic work carried out on the generously shaped and complex bottles, particularly the parrots, to ensure that no deformation occurred after shrinkage. Decosleeve was in charge of dressing the bottles, using POWERSLEEVE® equipment.