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Fructis - a green shelf revolution

With Fructis, the first range of hair care products formulated with active fruits, Garnier (L'Oréal group) made a conspicuous foray into the cosmetic shampoos sector. The packaging echoed this break with tradition in the choice of its eye-catching apple green colour.

A daring packaging choice

"Fructis is determined to democratise hair conditioners in France, explained Nicolas Hiéronimus, marketing director of Garnier Laboratories. To this end, our products are designed to be accessible to consumers: a reduced range, clear packaging, free samples and a conditioning mask sold without a box making it cheaper than the competition."

To Compliment the bottled range's five shampoos and three conditioners, the brand developed a fortifying cream treatment in a patented circular jar, entirely swathed in a bright green SLEEVER®. To back up the launch, a cash-back coupon was integrated into the jar's design.

Quality and flexibility

The Fructis jar represented a double challenge for Sleever International: providing an optimal printing surface capable of carrying a large quantity of information to which were added the cash-back coupon and the brand's delicate graphics, all on a bright green background.

The group's expertise in the field of prepress and gravure printing made all the difference, achieving a subtle blend of three colours over a height of only 5mm. The reverse-printed peel-off coupon was incorporated into the sleeve's production at an early stage by Sleever-Labels for maximum effectiveness and peels off easily without spoiling the original effect. The jars were then processed by L'Oréal on a multi-format bespoke ETISLEEVE®/ETISHRINK® line at speeds of 12,000/hour.

In the summer of 1996, only six months after its launch, Fructis had become the No2 best seller in its sector, fully vindicating L'Oreal's bold strategy. Ten years on, Sleever International is responsible for the Brand Graphics on the prestigious Color Resist, Haute Nutrition Oil Repair and Hydra-Liss versions of the famous cream treatment.