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Anti-Counterfeiting : Sleeving solutions

SEELCAP® - tamper-proof

An combination of the usual advantages of Sleever with a tamper-proof device, Seelcap is a favourite with food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics brands to guarantee consumers that the product has not been opened prior to purchase.

Whether removed completely or partially (SLEEVERCAP), its ease of opening appeal (thanks to micro-perforations, tabs and strips - Tearsleeves have a horizontal strip), and total effectiveness have been adopted by a host of leading consumer brands from Absolut vodka and Solan de Cabras mineral water to Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes, Estée Lauder cosmetics, Eludril mouth washes, Solo Zumo fruit juices and Nutella chocolate spread.

HOLOSLEEVE® - a certificate of origin

Developed in partnership with Hologram Industries, a world-leader in high-security holograms, Holosleeve is the first sleeve concept to combine mono-oriented heat shrink film technology with holographics to guarantee the authenticity of a product and its integrity.

The unusually shaped HOLOSLEEVE features an exclusive, unforgeable holographic image that is destroyed when the product is opened, offering a sophisticated and customised level of protection, thereby contributing further to reinforcing brand awareness and enhancement. Available in strip, transfer and Sensor versions, its qualities can be reinforced by covert UV printing which can only be detected by certain wave lengths and special relief effects. Rémy Martin and Hennessy cognacs in particular have protected their precious elixirs with this device.