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Excellence as a way of life

Our commitment to excellence is evident throughout every facet of Sleever International Company. Quite simply, we tend to the higher standards.

What makes us special? Our passion for knowledge and expertise driving us to continually improve and expand our range of solutions, while investigating new formulas and technologies according to emergent markets needs.

More than 35 years of experience, a worldwide implantation, and our quality assurance standards allow us to lead the shrink sleeve markets in many ways, starting with our exclusive patented technologies and unique project management system.

Our guiding framework – Sleever system – helps us delivering fast and reliable solutions to any market segment. This proved path to successful market releases is recognized, each year, by many industry awards.

Creative customer centric attitude

While many companies claim to have "customer-centric" approaches we differentiate ourselves on two fronts:

Firstly, Sleever International combines a focus on customer needs with the cost and economic implications of meeting those needs. We never propose ready-made solutions for standard-shaped customers!

Secondly, we want to build close, creative and productive relationships with our customers and make a difference through consistently exceeds their expectations.

Team Member support

We value continuous learning.

We believe that knowledge empowers, and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and organizations. In our drive for continuous improvement, we encourage our members to take risks, look for smarter ways to work, seek new ideas, reduce waste, and use resources wisely.

We think beyond our business:

Sleever International is rich of talented people from all parts of the world, giving us a rich breadth of experience, cultural backgrounds, depth of talent, and human potential. We build on the diversity of our members and dedicate ourselves to creating work environments that encourage and appreciate the contributions of each person.

We value and celebrate our differences, yet we are united by our desire to deliver the best service in our field.

Sustainable technologies promotion

Sleever International understands that sustainability is not just a risk management issue, but also a potential source of value creation and strategic advantage. We advise our clients on a range of initiatives aimed at unlocking innovation opportunities, targeting efficiency and productivity improvements, strengthening reputation and tapping into new markets - all of which help them deliver Sustainable but profitable Growth.

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