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Award 2013 at ART OF PACKAGING in Poland

Sleever International awarded at ART of PACKAGING in labeling category :main competition in Poland First paticipation fo Sleever International wiht the product Wyborowa Smaki Swiata. The range Smaki Swiata is decorated with a dedicated shrink film : a G-PET designed by Sleever Technologies. This Glassleeve technology guarantees the inalterability of the decoration despite a wide variety of external aggressions : shocks, scratches and rubbing. A technical Anti Marbling varnish allows a perfect transparency giving a no-label look label and put the Smaki Swiata in the limelight. The Helio-engraving calls upon an innovative process based on the use of new generation low energy (solvent free) inks that represent the significant advantage of remaining neutral, and thus of not altering the support.