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Brazil: Sleever Awarded by Embalagem Marca for the Thermal Water Lindoya Verão

Brazil: EMBALLAGEM & MARCA rewards Sleever International for the Best Design Packaging Emballagem &Marca : first packaging editorial in Brazil Sleever International rewarded with Thermal Water Lindoya Verão for the best design packaging. Thermal Water Lindoya Verão is a facial spray positioned for Derma Cosmetics market. The choice of PET as the raw material for the bottle required to overcome technical barriers to allow resistance to the propulsion gas. After overcoming this step, the next was to define the decoration. To avoid the customer to associate the product with fragility, thick walls for the bottles and shrink sleeve with high opacity and soft touch effect were chosen. The valve chosen allows the application of the project with a thin and delicate mist (brume) – enough to hydrate the customer without getting the clothes wet. It’s a great case of adding value through the packaging – raising a product that usually suffer with commoditization – water – in a higher market positioning, with superior prices.”