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Sleeve shrink solution for anti - theft devices

Inventory shrinkage hardly drops

1.34% is the percentage of sales of European retailers related to loss and theft in 2004. Down 2.2% compared to 2003, the figure remains painful and amounts to some $33 billion representing an average cost per inhabitant of €71.50. The trend is identical across the pond where it reaches 1.54% of annual sales, representing some $31 billion.

However it is interesting to note that shrinkage attributed to employees (29%) in Europe and the logistical chain before goods reach the sales outlet has increased sharply. Leather goods, lingerie, jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics, alcohols, mobile phones and CD/DVDs are among the most affected. As a result retailers are investing in 2 parallel security systems: dissuasion and new technologies.

Digital sleeve technologies : Source and brand protection

High visibility anti-theft devices are a front line dissuasive weapon which deters the average opportunist pilferer. Current trends include anti-theft tops on bottles of alcohol, blister packs for CDs, secure locking of the most sensitive store shelves not to mention wires connecting mobiles to a central surveillance unit.

In order to better apprehend the large volume of inventory shrinkage (by organised groups) and control possible employee theft, companies are thinking globally and calling upon digital technologies. Video surveillance is first in line with new cameras using internet protocols which enable faster feedback of data and more accurate analysis. The new generation of anti-theft antenna devices aims for maximum discretion combined with a visible deterrent. They are in line with the growth in source protection devices (electromagnetic labels, tags, etc.) and in particular radio-frequency identification (RFID) for high added value merchandise.

SLEEVER®, an anti-theft solution

Beyond its decorative, informative and promotional functions, Sleever® makes it possible to protect luxury and consumer goods from inventory shrinkage. Concepts such as the SENSORLSLEEVE® and PEGSLEEVE® by Sleever International provide the particularly sensitive markets of spirits, perfume, makeup, stationery and DIY tool with an effective, economical and easy to integrate method of theft prevention. SENSORSLEEVE® developed in partnership with Sensormatic, a world leader in anti-theft devices, is the first thermo-shrink labelling technology to integrate electro-acousto-magnetic protection. A genuine innovation based on the groups System approach which takes into consideration global economic, marketing and technical market expectations.

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