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An attractive and exotic change of scenery for Boutinot's South-African wine

A major player on the highly competitive Finnish wine market, the Franco-British wine dealer and producer, Boutinot, has pulled out all the stops to enchant and surprise its consumers. The Seriti range and its two South-African wines flaunt a distinctive exotic style, thanks to a zebra look for the white wine and a cheetah for the red. Guaranteed exoticism and surprise…

Successful new boost

A successful wager for Boutinot, who was determined to breathe new energy into its Seriti range and attract a younger market. Finnish wine lovers were conquered and gladly embarked on a trip to the savannah: the new packaging of these two wines intrigued and captured the attention of consumers.

The secret to their success lies in the sleeves that faithfully and startlingly reproduce the graphics of wild animal skins, designed by Dare! The Seriti Chenin Blanc features the delicate detail of a zebra skin, while the Seriti Merlot wine opted for the might of the cheetah. Boutinot also created a buzz by adopting this packaging as a standard sleeve, despite its collectible look.

Aluminum and matte varnish accentuate the depth

For Boutinot, Sleever International developed a custom solution that reinforces the intensity of a zebra and a cheetah skin.

Both sleeves are made from a special steam SI-PET-TG/050-Z film, particularly popular due to its shine and shrink properties. The bottle's shape required a high shrink factor in excess of 60%. The "zebra" sleeve features 5-color helioengraving, including high-precision aluminum and a matte varnish (3/10th accuracy front printing) on the black areas to accentuate the depth of the result. The "cheetah" sleeve for its part features 9 colors including one aluminum. In addition, the quality of the printing accuracy guarantees a homogeneous finish to the contrasts and intensifies the shine of the visual result.

For this project, Sleever International worked hand in hand with Boutinot at all the different development stages: Decosleeve was entrusted with the automatic positioning of the sleeves on POWERSLEEVE® machines using POWERSTEAM® steam shrinking technology at speeds of up to 24 000 bottles/hour.