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A project approach for customer solutions

Sleever International is unique in its market approach. We do more than offer an extensive product catalog, we implement a "project" approach because we believe it is the only way to guarantee our customers the reactivity, versatility and expertise they expect and require. In fact, how else can we hope to consistently deliver services and products worthy of our customers.

This project approach means that the group exercises full control over every aspect and detail of the process. Sleever International has structured its business logically and coherently - materials, printing and converting, engineering, services (prepress, contract sleeving and packing) - focused on creating a customer solution.

Commited to results

Created by combining 3 disciplines : packaging experts, engineering experts and a project manager - a single customer contact. Together they analyze each component of your project (marketing, packaging, engineering, logistics, purchasing, etc.) to supply the most appropriate solution in terms of pack, label, promotion and protection.

To achieve this, we carry out an in-depth evaluation assisted by a real-time project management tool resulting in specifications which we pledge to deliver.

SLEEVER® System successfully delivers over 550 projects a year, ranging from the simplest to the most complex across five continents.

In the spirit of SLEEVER® charter, we "put our money where our mouth is".