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Spotlight on innovation

Ears and eyes open to future market trends

At Sleever International®, innovation is more than a strategy, it's a state of mind. In each country and market, our employees on the field have their ears and eyes focused on their customers' every need in order to detect tomorrow's trends.

This open-minded attitude is the backbone of our innovative capacity, keeping us attuned to our different worldwide markets so that we can spot future tendencies and expectations.

This state of mind is and always has been at the core of our company culture and our structure is designed to ensure that our customers reap the rewards.

The signals picked up in the marketplace are processed practically in real-time by our network and integrated into Sleever database. As a result, we can define R&D directions for each of our business units - marketing, management, techniques, logistics - to develop your future solutions.

A global approach with proven results

Our capacity to innovate (BIOSLEEVE®,SLEEVER® Braille, SKINSLEEVER®,...) is apparent first and foremost in the worldwide reputation as a premium solution of Sleever International brand. The figures are there to prove it: 4.5% of turnover is devoted to R&D, a 30-brand product portfolio, 250 group patents in use, countless awards every year for the quality of our innovations, but also our active presence in international symposiums and conferences.

Innovation is a global state of mind at SLEEVER®, backed up by a solid, built-to-last system because we firmly believe that we can only learn from and with you.

"Innovation to challenge imagination"