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Sustainable development

A lasting commitment

Sleever International environmental policy is founded on a very simple idea: the best packaging solutions, those of the future, are those whose impact on the planet is as limited as possible during their entire life cycle. Better use of natural resources through conservation, encouraging the recycling and enhancing of waste, limiting air emissions and effluents, controlling industrial risks associated with their production. These three principles have guided our company since its foundation. We are more than ever convinced that there is a need for responsible industrial leadership, in order to generate economic growth in lasting harmony with the environment and in the spirit of a socially responsible company.

Minimising environmental impact: a reality

At Sleever International, our commitment to the environment is a daily goal. Here are some recent testimonials.


Contributing to recyclability and biodegradability: the launch of the new family of TPE-G and S films revolutionises and enhances the recycling of PET bottles. Their low density (less than 1, compared to 1.3 on average for PET) means that sleeves made out of these materials can be easily separated from the original PET container, which can then be recycled in a granular form and used again in the case of food packaging. Awarded a Packaging Oscar in 2005, the TPE-G film was adopted by Coca-Cola for its new Aquarius drink bottle. TPE-G solutions are the most recent example of the group's contribution to an active recycling policy of packaging worldwide. Today we are registered by official recycling bodies such as RTT (, Cleanaway (, Returpack (, ...

The lauch of BIOSLEEVE® in 2008 (biodegradable shrink sleeve) underlines the Group's policy in favour of Sustainable Development.


Zero toxic waste: Sleever International has also recently developed a new generation of inks which further reduce the impact of packaging on the environment. Thanks to their unique formulation, they cannot be dispersed and therefore pose no risk of contaminating the plastic during recycling. The group employs clean, solvent-free printing technologies (helio-engraving, flexography, Screen printing) and the water-based inks have no impact on the surrounding environment.

Cutting production waste: during the manufacture of films, waste is identified, separated and recycled on the basis of agreements with suppliers.


At its level, Sleever International participates in the reduction of goods transport, major consumers of energy and leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, by deploying tried and tested logistical solutions. Via Sleever Supply Chain, the group manages the global logistical needs of its clients.

The innovations and modern technology implemented by Sleever International improve the group's environmental performance on a daily basis. The group is also committed to broadening the scope of environmental issues. It is the only way to preserve the world in which we live.