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Brise breathes fresh air into scented candles

In 2002 SC Johnson decided to launch a new marketing strategy for its Brise range of scented candles, to add a decorative effect to the already successful range of perfumes used in these candles. The main factor behind this success story was the colourful packaging developed by Sleever International.

Constantly reworked candle holder designs

In the world of scented products for the homecare market, the candle has long been associated with the end of year festive season, in both the mass market and luxury sectors. As a world leader in this retail market, SC Johnson wanted to eliminate this seasonality by offering new designs every quarter and creating a thriving year-long collectable range.

The new range, consisting of five designs, comes in a curved glass jar packaged in cardboard box, which evokes the perfume of the candle. SLEEVER® added bonus lies in the sophisticated matt, iridescent and transparent decorative effects which enable the candle holder to glow, even when the candle is not lit.

A made-to-measure flexible solution

To manage the sheer number of designs and overcome the technical, cost and engineering challenges, a made-to-measure solution had to be developed. Firstly a high performance Sleever Technologies PET film for a perfect finish and a guarantee of decorative heat resistance.

Next a sophisticated 10-colour gravure printing process provides optimum subtlety of colours and a range of matt and pearl finishes, despite the film's high shrink factor. Finally a high-precision positioning (±0.3mm) process ensures seamless visual continuity and an exclusive shrink process clings to the glass's shape like a second skin. These were both achieved thanks to a high-speed line, capable of processing up to 10,000 jars/hour, equipped with POWERSLEEVE® application head and POWERSKINNER® shrink tunnel, both designed by Sleever Machines.

The new Arabesques, Foliage and Flowers scents of the Brise candle range were an instant success all over Europe, to such an extent that the concept has also been adopted by other products under the Glade brand.