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David La Chapelle celebrates Rémy Martin with SLEEVER®

Extremely popular in the US, Rémy Martin Cognac called upon the famous photographer David La Chapelle to decorate a limited edition bottle and entrusted Sleever International with its manufacture.

Inspired by Josephine Baker and the Roaring Twenties, this colorful creation embodies the party spirit!

Unprecedented brand promotion

The House of Rémy Martin creates a happening in the cognac world. For the first time, a bottle of cognac is adorned with a limited edition sleeve.

The 75cl collectible also comes in a 1.75 liter limited edition numbered magnum: on sale over the web for 300 minutes, the 300 magnums were snapped up in seconds !

A mammoth work of restitution

Working with Rémy Martin, Sleever International developed a customized solution to satisfy the brand’s demands. The challenge facing Sleever International was to faithfully reproduce the colors and shapes of the visual designed by the Barbé agency, working to David La Chapelle’s design.

Sleever International harnessed all its graphic know-how (morphism, color, image treatment and graphic reconstruction) to guarantee the faithful reproduction of the artistic design, all of which on a 100% decorated bottle with over 70% diameter differentials, particularly visible in the details of the body of the young woman, but also in the background of the design.

An A to Z project

The fruit of six months of development, this collectible bottle is the result of the joint efforts of the House of Rémy Martin, the Barbé agency that supervised the project and Sleever International that once again demonstrated its skill in collaborating with its customers at every collectible event development stage.

End of 2008, Sleever International has been awarded by Pro Helio, organisation dedicated to the promotion of rotogravure printing, for this limited edition 'David La Chapelle' on the bottle of Rémy Martin V.S.O.P.