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High security measures for Camembert Président

A breach in innovation

Président, number one Camembert brand of the Lactalis group, is launching new packaging in total contrast to market trends in the form of a miniature cheese cover, thereby surpassing the competition and consolidating the brand's market leadership. The new packaging features a dome and a base, both of which are protected by Sleevercap®, designed by Sleever International.

The brand's challenge was to radically modernize the product's presentation by forgoing the traditional Camembert box to gain market share among sporadic consumers such as young urbanites following a triple-edged appraisal. Firstly, the old-fashioned image of the traditional box among this target in the final count adds very little added value; secondly, the box is incapable of resolving the odor issue in fridges; and lastly, it offers no protection in stores against the all too frequent hands-on custom of "pressing" the cheese to ascertain its maturity.

A colorful dual-benefit miniature cheese cover

To win the challenge opposing it to the box, the new packaging had to be both state-of-the-art and eye-catching. The solution implemented features a dome whose summit is closed by a controlled permeability film, making it possible for the cheese to mature whilst controlling odors, with the added bonus of extended conservation. To enhance this unusual packaging shape, right from the outset of the project Lactalis naturally approached Sleever International, because only Sleevercap® could provide protection capable of faithful 360° reproduction of the brand’s graphic colors and codes.

This state-of-the-art protection technology not only provides coherent packaging, but, for the first time, prevents consumers from "feeling" the goods in the store. Its opening system is comprised of a double micro-perforation with a half-moon tab. Two slight notches at the top of the perforation ensure easy opening once the product is, in fact, ready for consumption. To produce Sleevercap®, Sleever International opted for an SI-OPS-TF/060 film devised by Sleever Technologies with 7-color UV flexo printing.

The third segment of this ambitious project called upon very high precision positioning and shrinking operations, as the "wide diameter - low height" conundrum is one of the most difficult to manage at high speeds (120 products/minute). This constraint was overcome by the latest generation of Powersleeve® Evolution IV multiple servomotor technology equipment designed by Sleever Machines. Combined with an infrared/hot air Powerskinner®, it guarantees sufficiently slow shrinkage to ensure the film's perfect fit.

We have worked with Sleever International for several years, during which time we have been able to appreciate and confirm the group's technical and industrial skills in a range of business sectors, reported Didier Leblanc, assistant purchase manager at Lactalis. The present highly positive cooperation has enabled us to implement a consumer-friendly solution that met industrial and economic constraints and also satisfied the particularly inflexible deadline, due to the French 2007 electoral campaign. After the first 100 days, we can only express our satisfaction following the positive actions undertaken and promises held.

In the wake of the success of the "Camembert cloche saveur" launch, Pierre Gorgeault, Packaging Development Director and Alain Apert, Purchasing Director, testify that:

After a successful sales launch, the Cloche saveur Président has just won awards at the Oscars de l'Emballage 2007 and the Innovations LSA 2007 competitions.

The Lactalis purchasing team, and in particular, P. Georgeault, C. Bajas and C. Boulanger, would like to highlight the part played by Sleever International in this successful project and to thank all those that contributed during its development.