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Optimal Nutrition to conquer the retail market

Arkopharma, the European leader in nutritional supplements and phytotherapy medication, is about to win over a new group of customers who have so far yet to be won over by the arguments for nutritional supplements. Its secret weapon is a brand new range, Optimal Nutrition, rich in 24 different supplements and supplied in refreshingly modern packaging.

A clear attractive range

Intended to improve six crucial factors of our health - vascular performance, ageing, figure, beauty, fitness, and memory - the latest addition to Arkopharma's nutria-therapy range is specifically aimed at a wider, audience that currently does not use these compounds. Its strong points are complete formulations of vitamins, plant extracts and minerals for one-month treatments and a clear, attractive visual identity based on 6 colours to ensure that it catches the eye of the uninitiated consumer among the multitude of other nutritional supplements sold over the counter. On the packaging side Arkopharma - the inventors of the first 100% plant-formulated capsule - wanted a pillbox that would echo the capsule's shape covered in a dual-function striking red SLEEVERCAP® which combines quick opening with a tamper-proof feature.

Identification and Tamper Evidence come first

Faced with the need to combine a multi-purpose function with differentiation, the Sleever International system approach proved a perfect solution.

In addition to its intrinsic qualities, the 60-µm SI-OPS-TF/060-XB film chosen for Optimal Nutrition provides an excellent printing surface. The 10-colour cello-email printing including a metallic silver shade makes use of all 360° of the available surface to enable the consumer to quickly identify the product's key function and locate a maximum quantity of information (formulation, contents, dosage etc,).

The tamper-proof function - a double horizontal and vertical micro-perforated line - guarantees consumer safety without detracting from the container's appearance when opened. This customer requirement was made possible at high speeds of 12000 boxes/hour and high precision positioning (±0.3mm) on a POWERSLEEVE® Mono Evolution I, combined with a POWERSKINNER® MSA 3360LS3 installed in Arkopharma's Waterford plant in Ireland.

Available in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain, this new range was launched at the end of 2005 in over 4000 French chemists and retail outlets to a warm reception from pharmacists and consumers alike.