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SLEEVER® reinvents glass decorating

Sleever International proposes an innovative decorative process compatible with the requirements of the cosmetics and health markets: SLEEVER® glass decorating solution that aims to replace traditional techniques whilst offering shorter deadlines and lower costs.

In light of the sharp growth and highly competitive nature of markets, the growing number of references and the multiplication of product ranges, markets are increasingly on the lookout for reactive and simplified solutions for glass, a material that dominates this segment, decorating packaging, in a bid to satisfy market and consumer demands.

SLEEVER® glass decorating solution makes it possible to easily decorate transparent glass shapes without resorting to dying the glass or serigraphy, lacquering, varnishing, metallisation and other traditional and often costly techniques that lengthen the time before which a product is ready for the market.

Moreover, this solution makes it possible to benefit from all the advantages of personalised glass packaging offered by sleeve technology such as 360° printing, faultless reproduction of images and printing on different shaped packaging.

SLEEVER® glass decorating solution, which can be printed on both sides of the sleeve, is compatible with all currently available printing techniques from 10-color retrogravure to flexography. What’s more the process is also perfectly suited to a wide range of special effects: dichroic, luminescent, fluorescent, etc.

A response to logistical demands

Finally, this solution features a full supply chain service. The production capacity of Decosleeve, the Sleever International division devoted to custom decoration of glass packaging, was increased three-fold in 2007. A Decosleeve unit with a capacity of 150 000 units/day, is specialised in decorating and labelling products for the perfumery and beauty health sectors using ETISLEEVE® / ETISHRINK® and THERMOSLEEVE® equipment and ready-to-fit pre-shaped tamper-proof solutions. By locating SLEEVER® production units in different parts of the world, this solution is easily available to all markets: United States, South America, Europe, etc.

This innovative global solution developed by Sleever International reinvents glass jar and bottle decorating. Already adopted by leading cosmetic brands such as L’Oréal and Beirsdorf, SLEEVER® glass decorating solution satisfies the needs and requirements of selective markets.