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Total targets women with its new car care range

As a retail fuel leader in the six top European markets, Total owed it to itself to develop a range of automobile care products in keeping with its position. Since 2005 Total has developed a 17-product range including three cleaning products whose packaging was directly inspired by the cosmetics sector.

Packaging borrowed from cosmetics

Being the operator of over 12000 service stations in Europe since the merger with Elf and Petrofina, Total wanted to raise the impact of its brand on the car care segment where Elf was already well established. The objective was clearly to reach new target consumers, in particular women, with an upmarket range.

To win this sector over, the oil-producing group decided to seek inspiration from the world of cosmetics, so alongside the traditional aerosol sprays and cans, the group now offers cleaning wipes and bottle-sprays originally intended for sun screen. In terms of design, it also decided to call upon a technology already tried and tested by the cosmetics industry: SLEEVER®, a modern alternative to paper, plastic or in-mould label.

The flexibility of full subcontracting

For the launch of this atypical range, Total sought a supplier capable of advising on and dealing with all the aspects of the complex bottle spray. The group opted for a total subcontracting solution with Sleever International from the choice of film to contract decoration. The high performance mono-oriented 50-micron SI-PET-RG/050 film perfectly hugged the contours of the PP bottle, over 360° and from top to toe, despite the generous curves and large concave area.

This elaborate geometry called upon all the know-how of Sleever Labels in terms of morphing techniques to faithfully reproduce the design and maintain Total's new visual identity. Six-colour printing gave the royal blue background its full impact and the shades of plum, sky blue and orange its subtlety, whilst ensuring that the consumer information and bar code were perfectly legible. The delicate operation of positioning the sleeve on the empty unstable bottle and high-speed steam shrink process were carried out by Decosleeve®, a specialist in contract sleeve application using POWERSLEEVE® and POWERSTEAM® machines.

The result is three new attractive glass, plastic and express cleaners which catch the eye of a new, fashion conscious audience.