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Skin Naturals, a new look at decorative solutions

Champion of face care in the supermarket and hypermarket sector, Garnier totally reworked the appearance of its Skin Naturals (formerly Synergie) range in late 2004. The range incorporates seven snazzy jars which are now coloured by more competitive Sleever® product instead of the traditional decorative solution.

The allure of a faultless finish

A particularly notable presence in the highly competitive retail face care section of supermarkets, Garnier is one of the most dynamic brands in terms of innovation, and it has no qualms about rethinking traditional packaging strategies. After a value analysis to optimise the retail price of its skin care products, historically sold in glass jars - the only packaging which really signifies quality to consumers - the L'Oréal subsidiary decided to radically change the decorative process.

They wanted fresher colours, a smooth or frosted finish and transparent jars in a striking break with their previous choice of opaque, lacquered and screen printed packaging. Garnier chose ultra-thin SLEEVER® capable of perfectly reproducing the finish of coloured glass.

Contract decorating performances

The competitive appeal of Sleever International solution was founded on a perfect quality/cost ratio between each component. The low gauge of the PET film selected combined with a high-precision application technology to make SLEEVER® impossible to detect by hand. Extensive research carried out by Sleever-Labels on inks made it possible to reproduce the same depth of colour as that previously obtained by traditional decorative techniques. The gravure printing is complemented by infrared shrinking to avoid any concentration of colour. For more flexibility, the L'Oréal group entrusted the decoration of the new formula Skin Naturals' seven designs to Decosleeve® where it was carried out on bespoke ETISLEEVE® and ETISHRINK® machines running at 12,000 units/hour.

To maintain the illusion, rather than print the brand graphics directly onto SLEEVER®, Garnier chose to maintain its traditional transparent label on the jars which is detectable by touch. The consumers do not seem to mind this small subterfuge and the sales are there to prove it: +17% in France alone in the year of the launch.