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Sleever International is the privileged partner of designers

The PDA (Pan European Brand Design Association), comprised of more than 70 member agencies from 17 countries, stands out as a reference figure of international design. As a result, the entire profession eagerly awaits its congresses. An event took place from June 12th to 13th in Stockholm (Sweden), and in addition to showcasing the latest trends, it highlighted the theme of "1+1=3" or value added design in packaging design.

The sleeve – a genuinely creative prop

The sleeve, which offers boundless creative potential, embodies an unlimited means of expression that is perfectly suited to this theme. In addition to adapting itself to the most complex shapes, the sleeve features the full range of sensorial effects commonly used in packaging design, among which touch, sight, smell, etc.

It was thus logical that Sleever International should sponsor an event of the scale of a PDA congress. In the framework of this sponsorship, Sleever International run a workshop during which Eric Fresnel, CEO, will hold a conference on the theme of "New pre-press tools available to designers".

What if your champagne was Swedish?"

During the event, Sleever International hosted a creative workshop that will enable designers to imagine a bottle of Champagne along the theme of "What if your champagne was Swedish?" The purpose of the workshop was to unleash the participants' creativity and then give it shape and body thanks to MySleeve® device, which makes it possible to create made-to-measure, customized packaging on the spot in just 20 seconds.

A Pentaward rewarded the three best creations.

The life of these unique creations will not however cease here, because, at the end of 2009, they will be the subject of an exhibition put on at the Designpack Gallery in the heart of Paris, so that packaging designers can also admire them. In the meantime, photos of the creations can be seen on